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This CDROM course covers the English material taught in Kindergarten, First and Second Grades, and part of Third and Fourth Grades of Elementary School.  The course has over 400 lessons using custom-made color pictures, multicolor text to highlight the different parts that make up words, multicolor printouts and over 10000 academic exercises that are fun to do.  The course is designed for children or adults at home or school.  Because of the large number of pictures, it is ideal for English-as-a-Second Language courses.

This course was written by experienced teachers who are also the programmers.  The software is extremeluy sophisticated and represents many years of development.

The multimedia computer system required includes WINDOWS 2000/ME/98/95/NT, or MAC using a WINDOWS emulator.  Microprocessor speed should be 333MHz or better with 32MB or more of RAM and 100MB free Hard Disk space.


     Alphabet  (104 lessons)
You see the alphabet letters and hear their sounds (1 lesson).   Also, you see the letter classification (vowel/consonant) and a word that starts with the selected letter.  The First Exercise focuses on recognition of the alphabet sounds (1 lesson).  The Second Exercise tests letter classification (1 lesson).  The Third Exercise (20 examples) focuses on the verbal spelling of words where each letter is pronounced as an alphabet letter.  The Fourth (55 examples) illustrates spelling by relating sounds to letter combinations.  Handwriting exercises are provided to show how to write each alphabet letter in regular or large size (26 examples).

    Phonetics (164 lessons)
All forty-eight basic sounds are provided along with (a) their pronunciation, (b) their phonetic spelling and (c) example words.  Example words are broken into basic sounds and each sound can be heard individually.  Individual sounds are slowly fused together to form the pronunciation of each example word. (48 lessons)

Ninety-six letter combinations are provided along with their pronunciation, phonetic spelling and example words.  A spelling exercise is included to test knowledge of the example words. (96 lessons)

Twenty lessons summarize the pronunciation rules and illustrate the classification categories for various letter combinations and their sounds. (20 lessons)

     Articles (1 lesson)
The articles and all their pronunciations are presented.  Each pronunciation is listed along with the corresponding pronunciation rule.

     Personal Pronouns  (1 lesson)
The basic personal pronouns are presented along with their pronunciation.

     Brief History  (1 lesson)
The history of the evolution of the English language is briefly presented.

    Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Reading and Spelling  (124 lessons)
There are 124 Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Reading and Spelling lessons.

Each lesson focuses on the learning of 12 texts (nouns with their articles, verbs, phrases or sentences).  Each text is provided with a color picture, spelling, pronunciation and phonetic spelling of a focus word.

The focus of each lesson is the learning of (a) new vocabulary words, (b) the relationship between the pronunciation of words that have a common basic sound and the spelling of this basic sound, such as the words rain  or train  or tail  where "ai"  is pronounced as a long a.  Additionally, the lessons slowly introduce the use of the two pronunciations of the article "the", as well as the different pronunciations and uses of the articles "a" and "an".  Furthermore, the lessons slowly introduce verbs, adjectives, noun plurals, numbers, opposites and finally, the interaction of all these in sentences.

Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Reading skills are strengthened by seven specially designed exercises that go over the lesson material.  Whenever possible, the exercises have a score that is increased if the response is correct on the first try.  Additionally, “congratulations” screens praise perfect scores.

 Exercise 1 tests and teaches sound comprehension.
 You click a speaker to hear a lesson text.  You select the corresponding picture from the 12
 available pictures.
 Exercise 2 tests and teaches sound discrimination.
 You click a speaker to hear a lesson text.  You select the corresponding English text
 out of the 12 available texts.
 Exercise 3 tests and teaches reading comprehension.
 You click an English text.  You select the corresponding picture out of the 12 available pictures.
 Exercise 4 tests and teaches basic sounds and their spelling.
 You see the spelling and hear the sound of a lesson word and you see and hear 3 basic sounds.
 From these 3 basic sounds, you pick the ones that occur in each word.
 Exercise 5 tests and teaches taking class notes.
 You hear the sound of 12 lesson words.  You write their spelling on a form provided by
 the CDROM.
 Exercise 6 tests spelling on the computer.
 You hear the sound of 12 lesson words.  You spell each word by clicking the alphabet letters
 provided by the program on the computer screen.
 Exercise 7 practices handwriting.
 You print out the lesson texts and their color pictures.  You practice handwriting the texts.

     Sentence Comprehension  (30 lessons)
Each of the 30 Reading (R) lessons presents six sentences.  Fifteen lessons present sentences that explain or illuminate lesson words.  Each of the other 15 lessons gives a six-sentence story.  Each R-lesson has exercises that test higher-level reading and comprehension skills that relate to individual sentences as well as groups of sentences.

    Marks of the Language
The punctuation marks of the English language are documented with their name, pronunciation, mark sign, and a very brief description of their usage.

    Audio-Visual Dictionary
The dictionary lists about 1500 words and includes the lesson words.  Each word has its text, picture, pronunciation and phonetic spelling.

    Audio-Visual Numbers
The student can make a number by clicking the digits provided on the computer screen.  The program (a) shows the number in its letter-form including the dashes and (b) pronounces the number.

Title: Read and Speak English / CD-ROM
By: George N. Balanis, PhD, MBA and Toula Balanis, AA
Published by: Anotek, Inc.
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IBM Compatible Multimedia computer (Pentium+), 32MB RAM, 130MB available hard disk space, Printer, WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 95 or WINDOWS NT 4.0+.
MacIntosh with "The Virtual PC" program emulating Windows.

Table of Contents

*  Alphabet
*  Vocabulary
*  Sentences
*  Phonics Method
*  Marks of the Language
*  Library
*  Dictionaries and Numbers

Sample of Customer Comments

* Phyllis Austin - USA - (19 September 2011)
PERFECT!! Thank you so much. The CD-ROM is exactly what my friend was looking for. Many children in Ghana will benefit from it. Take care and God Bless.
* Vicky Kouzounas - USA - (13 February 2008)
I like the course. I bought it for my aunt who recently came to the States...
* Michael Turner - USA - (23 February 2006)
The Read and Speak English CD is a great learning tool and I have recommended it to others, thank you so much.
* Elizabeth Goldberg - USA - (23 December 2003)
Yes, I do find it very helpful! The kids enjoy it and seem to learn pretty quickly how to use it.
* Loren and Gulzat Huffman - US Virgin Islands (17 February 2003)
We are very pleased with the Anotek CD. As e-commerce grows, reputable, "as advertised" products such as yours will do well.
* Regina Pierre - USA (24 February 2002)
The program is great. My children are loving it.
* Al Holtsberry - USA (18 February 2002)
I have the program installed (the second disk you sent) on a computer at the ... Elementary School in .... Children are using it, and the teacher thinks it is useful for all of her class, not just the non English speaking students.
* Barry Carlson (Bangkok) - USA (25 June 2001)
This is a great product.  My son has improved a lot using it and my wife has started reading English.

* Allan Hixson - USA - (2 February 2001)
I purchased Read and Speak English last month.  Thank You!  This program is exactly what I needed to help my spouse.
* Dean Collins - USA - (20 April 2000)
The program is excellent.  My wife who is from Europe uses it to improve her English and it helps a lot.  It is easy to use and understand.  Thanks!

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